We have been sure, in the West, that our
view on the world, our systems of government, our philosophy about humanity
are, by far, superior over any attempts by other peoples to figure out what is
good, better or best for the world, or even for their part of the world.

It is natural that the free press is free
to say what they want, even though outright fabrication of news that damages
people or countries should, in my opinion, still be subject to some laws. What
we observe in our daily lives is that, with the continued loss of world
dominance and historic leadership by “The West”, the indigenous media become more and more biased, and
perhaps intentionally misleading when reporting world events.

Lately Ukraine has proved to be a case in
point. For anyone reading or listening to western media outlets, be they
official (state sponsored) or private, it seems as if a large democratic (of
course!) majority in Ukraine wants to seek association with Europe, and not
with the (by their own definition) undemocratic Russia. The reality of course
is different because independent observers and eastern Ukrainians do not
believe that an association with Europe, at this time, is in Ukraine’s

It is awkward then to see John McCain
promote the “Anschluss” with Europe, as if the hundred thousand campers in Kiev,
some reportedly paid ten Euros per day to stay put, represent the majority of
the Ukrainian people. On the same day, the BBC showed for the very first time reactions
of easterners about the events in the capital. Is McCain aware of their
diverging demands (and thus disingenuous) or is he ignorant (and thus out of
place)? We should not blame him in particular because there is a whole chorus
of politicians and journalists that sing the same song every day.

Innocent and far away though it was, the
Chilean election gave them another opportunity to wave the flag of true democracy.
In fact, on the night before the vote, the Belgian state tv wanted to report
that they were in favour of a Bachelet victory (presumably without having much
knowledge of the issues and programs in the campaigns). As expected, Bachelet
won and the news of her overwhelming majority soon reverberated through the
ether! Apart from “El País”, I found no mention at all in the press of the
abstention rate in the elections. It stood at 59% . The newsrooms in the West
elected to disregard this number, presumably because it is an unwanted
indication about how Chileans regard “their democratic process”. If the same abstention
would be produced at the next vote on a new Constitution in Egypt, the same
media will climb in high trees to vociferously denounce the validity of such a

And so it goes: our western “system” that
was born, in pain and joy, somewhere at the end of the 18th century,
has by now been deformed, corrupted and massacred by the powers of yesteryear
and today, so that it serves them, and their friends and supporters, to stay on
top and dictate, not withstanding a semblance of plebiscites, how the world
needs to turn so that they, their parties, their businesses and their friends can
benefit the most. And, let us not forget to thank them for (their) free press!

Grimburger, December 17th 2013